CPF Discounts 

Vaccine Management – AccuVax, AccuShelf, AccuSite (TruMed)

CPF is pleased to offer its members discounts on the innovative AccuVax, AccuShelf, and AccuSite vaccine management products and solutions. The suite of products is provided by TruMed, which offers inventory management solutions for vaccines, medications, and materials for clinics, major health systems, and community healthcare facilities throughout the United States. AccuVax is the fastest growing vaccine system to safeguard vaccines, eliminate waste, automate compliance, and maximize patient safety.

“AccuVax is thrilled to partner with the Cumberland Pediatric Foundation across Tennessee and assist in their services to provide quality health care to their members and patients,” said Michael Hatch, VP of Strategic Accounts for TruMed Systems. “Our efforts are focused on providing products and services that will improve efficiencies for healthcare staff and healthcare providers creating effective and efficient solutions, allowing them to continue their focus on maximizing their patient care.”

Learn more details on the TruMed website: TruMed Systems

Check out short demos of the products here: AccuVax Demos- YouTube

Reach out to one of TruMed’s Regional Directors in Tennessee for pricing and more information: