CPF Management Advisory Committee (CMAC)

Committee Purpose Statement:

The purpose of this committee is to serve as a liaison between practice administrators and the Cumberland Pediatric Foundation team. The committee will review business, educational and quality improvement resources and opportunities to evaluate the benefit to pediatric practices. Our overall goal is to enhance and support the operations of each individual practice so that each practice can improve the quality, increase the efficiency, and lower the cost of the delivery of pediatric health care services. If you have a committee item for the CMAC to review, please email Thank you!

Committee Members

Michele Buffler

Green Hills Pediatric Associates, Nashville

Carol Hawkins

Pediatric Associates of Franklin, Franklin

Zilka Ojeda

Premier Pediatrics, Waverly/Dickson

Villa Edwards

Plateau Pediatrics, Crossville

Tiffany Duncan

Columbia Pediatrics

Susie Stokes

Nurture Pediatrics, Smyrna

Steven Thomas

Rainbow Kids Clinic, Clarksville

Cathy Stevens

Brentwood Pediatrics