Compass Pediatrics

Position: Practice Operator

Location: Gallatin, Tennessee

Compass Pediatrics is looking to identify a passionate, dynamic candidate to help support our next chapter of growth. Unique professional backgrounds, location and experience levels are welcome to apply as we identify a candidate with a special “it” factor that can help take our practice to the next level.

This candidate is motivated by the opportunity to have a seat at the table and use your gifts to move our practice forward. You are excited by a challenge, bring disruptive approaches and can think big picture and apply the WHY and research analysis to bring more value to our clinic and patients. You will bring a strategic goal-aligned approach to budgetary projections, supply chain management and compliance organization. You know how to motivate and mentor a team, and have a natural ability to bring value and organization into projects. You can roll up your sleeves and welcome opportunities to dive into research, crank through tasks and manage projects with command to contribute to our success. An added must is displaying an intuitive management style with a knack for reading between the lines, anticipating curveballs and identifying nonverbal cues. Most importantly your values align with our Compass Pediatrics’ mission and values.

Compass Pediatrics welcomes a rich pool of candidates across spectrums of race, culture, gender, age, disability status, veteran status, and socioeconomic status. Our practice will be enhanced and strengthened by collaborating with professionals from a variety of backgrounds, and will thrive as a result of a more intentional diversity and inclusion recruitment approach who share our mission and values.


  • Prepares effective budgetary projections and expense analysis reports.
  • Brings a refreshing approach to supply chain management.
  • Assists with culture-building initiatives including practice events, lunch and learns, professional development and other team building opportunities.
  • Represents the Compass Pediatrics’ brand well with clients, colleagues and community partners.
  • Mentors team members and encourages employee development.
  • Develops organizational plan for compliance management, employee certifications and reviews.
  • Builds and maintains provider schedules to include patient volume projections.
  • Knowledge of medical billing and coding while genuinely enjoying staying up to date on current changes and enhancements.
  • Pursues new business opportunities for Compass Pediatrics and develops smart business solutions.


  • A team player with an innate above-and-beyond attitude passionate about fostering culture, strategic development, & collaboration.
  • Client service mentality and motivating, empowering team player.
  • Sets an example for those around them by modeling inclusive behaviors and proactively managing bias.
  • Actively seeks solutions to problems and minimizes challenges for others.
  • Natural connector who thrives on solving client problems through leveraging their network.
  • Lifelong learner who enjoys learning about various industries and craves continued professional development.
  • Thrives with project management and operation execution of deliverables.
  • Lives out the Compass Pediatrics’ mission and eager to contribute to the practice’s culture and vision.
  • Maintains the principles and guidelines that uphold Compass Pediatrics’ values.


  • Community engagement
  • Professional development
  • Work flexibility
  • Mentorship
  • Team Building
  • Competitive benefits
  • Upward mobility

If this opportunity sounds like the career fit you’ve been looking for, send your resume to