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CPF Vaccine consultant John Minnium has been kind enough to share some of his wisdom with CPF Vaccine Members through tips on the way CPF handles our vaccine contracts/discounts as well as through these informative articles on vaccine-related topics.




About the Author: CPF Vaccine consultant John Minnium worked for a large vaccine manufacturer for 10+ years and so has an incredible wealth of inside knowledge. We are very excited to work with John on improving our own vaccine program and we encourage you to take advantage of his resources! John will be writing a new blog for the vaccine newsletter every month. Please feel free to submit topic requests.

CPF Vaccine Blog
End of Year Vaccine Buy-In
Navigating Vaccine Shortages
Proper Storage and Usage of Vaccines
Evaluating New Vaccines for your Practice
Flu Vaccine Uptake & Preparation
Smart Vaccine Purchasing
Maximizing/Improving Well Visits
Bulk Buying