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Position Name: 
TRIAGE STAFF - LPN or MA required

General Summary:  A nonexempt position responsible for handling by phone or mail questions and requests from patients regarding their medical care. Assists front office staff by providing triage (sorting/prioritizing patients) to ensure prompt identification of patients with high-risk conditions. Schedules appointments and performs necessary PCMH reporting.

Essential Job Responsibilities:
1.      Talks directly to parents/patients and then directs them to emergency rooms (ER) or urgent care centers or to see their physician during office hours.  Follow up on patients with recent ER visits, hospitalizations, as well as newborns to ensure continuation of care and necessary PCMH reporting.
2.      Performs short evaluation of the patient situation to estimate severity of illness and/or injury including learning chief complaint and, as possible, obtaining vital sign and mental status information.
3.      Determines urgency of seeing the patient based on brief assessment and on familiarity with a patient’s condition and history.  May use written protocols(Barton Schmitt) and/or computerized medical information database, which uses algorithms that closely imitate physician logic and thought patterns, as guide.  Confers with provider as needed.
4.      Sends those with high-risk chief complaints to ER immediately or arranges for ambulance.  May provide appropriate home health advice to those patients who do not need to go directly to the ER.
5.      Sets up appointments for patients who do not need to go to ER but need to see a provider.
6.      Handles routine information requests from patients, e.g., ”Do I need a flu shot every year?  When are you giving these shots?”
7.      Adhere to infection control/safety guidelines and confidentiality policies.  Responds to emergency situations confidently and professionally.
8.      Documents assessments, interventions, patient/family responses, medication dispensed/prescribed, and test results in medical records.
9.      Promotes wellness by providing patient education materials, communicating physician advice/instructions.  Distributes pamphlets and samples, gives care instructions verbally, provides instruction sheets, answers patient’s questions.
10.  Calls all new patients at least 1-2 days prior to appointment with “Welcome Info Call”.  Document information obtained from call in ‘telephone encounter’.
11.  Input daily (Saturday/Sunday on Monday) all Newborn and Hospital charges after receiving charges from providers.  Place Newborn in the system, scan all necessary paperwork and charges, call to schedule their first appointment.  Document number of patients seen per day on physician ‘Rounding Schedule’.
12.  Works on new, initial ADHD appointments.  Assure all required document are in the chart:  parent/teacher forms, previous provider records.
13.  Receives calls from pharmacies regarding refills, prescription verifications, prior authorizations.  After conferring with provider, makes appropriate calls to parents, insurance companies, and pharmacies.

Other Responsibilities:
Always presents a professional image.  Answer telephone in a professional manner.
Must attend staff meetings and in-service programs.  Keeps up-to-date on all pertinent information affecting job and patient care. 
Keeps management timely informed.
Maintains patient confidentiality and HIPAA compliance.
Assist with specialty clinic scheduling such as Weight, ADHD, and Newborn visits.
Compose patient letters as directed by practitioners.
Trains new employees/students.
Cover other positions when co-workers are away.
Performs other duties as requested.

Education: LPN or MA Certification required. Completion of On-the-job training for triage staff provided by RKC.

Experience: Highly prefer five years of clinic work experience as a medical assistant;  one to two years of telephone triage experience, preferably in medical practice setting.  Other combinations of work experience and settings considered.

Other Requirements: LPN or Medical Assistant Certification required and Current CPR certificate preferred.

Performance Requirements:


  1. Knowledge of telephone-based clinical assessment techniques.
  2. Knowledge of medical practice telephone triage protocols.
  3. Knowledge of appropriate home health information for patients to follow until visit with physician, if they do not need an immediate ER visit.
  4. Knowledge of medical assistant care, medical terminology, anatomy, physiology, and pathophysiology.  Familiarity with health care systems, regulations, policies, and functions.  Understanding of documentation standards.


  1. Skill in using electronic medical records to check patient history.
  2. Skill in using written protocol and/or computerized medical information database during evaluation as guide to appropriate decision.
  3. Skill in making triage decisions and responding quickly and calmly in emergency situations such as calling 911 and arranging for ambulance.
  4. Skill in handling a number of tasks simultaneously.
  5. Possess good written and verbal communication skills.


  1. Ability to communicate clearly and calmly with patient/parent/guardian.
  2. Ability to elicit information needed to make a brief evaluation.
  3. Ability to work closely with physicians and other clinicians as needed.  Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with physicians, patients, employees, and the public.
  4. Ability to interpret, adapt, and apply patient care guidelines and procedures. 
  5. Ability to apply good judgment in determining what questions to ask, when and who to ask questions.
  6. Ability to do detailed and accurate work.  Ability to gather information from outside sources/records and transfer into electronic medical record/forms.
  7. Ability to convey obtained answers to patients correctly and in detail.  Maintain patient call records/documentation.
  8. Ability to utilize time management skills, maintain productivity, and work independently.

Equipment Operated:  Telephone system at medical practice. Computer hardware/software for access to patient history and medical information databases.

Work Environment:  Works in a fast-paced/high traffic medical office. Environmental setting (lighting, temperature, air quality, acoustics) comfort controlled. Work may be stressful.  Interaction with others may be constant and interruptive. Occasional irregular hours. 

Mental/Physical Requirements:  Frequent exposure to communicable disease, toxic substances, medical preparations, and other conditions common to a clinic environment.  Requires full range of body motion including handling and moving items, manual and finger dexterity, and eye-hand coordination.  Repetitive movements.  Involves daily standing, squatting, walking, bending, and maneuvering.  Requires sitting, answering phone calls, data entry, and viewing computer screens for long periods of time.  Ability to type 40 w.p.m., operate a keyboard, telephone, copier, fax, and other office equipment as necessary. Stress can be triggered by workload/high volume of calls and emergencies/difficult patients.


To apply, please email with your CV and cover letter with subject line "Goodlettsville Pediatrics"