The Cumberland Pediatric Foundation and The Metro Public Health 
Department  Partner to Eliminate Secondhand Smoke Exposure 
Pediatricians in Davidson County are eligible to participate in a program based on Clinical Efforts Against Secondhand Smoke Exposure (CEASE).  
Providers are encouraged to screen all children under the age of 5 for exposure to secondhand smoke. If the parent is a smoker they are given a handout designed to mimic a prescription identifying the 5 key steps for tobacco cessation. 
The healthcare provider can make referrals to the Quitline on behalf of the parents who want to quit. Incentives are available for practices that successfully complete the program. The program started in 2016 and will continue into December 2017. Forty-two providers successfully completed the program in December 2016 by serving 17,646 children under the age of five.  
Congratulations to the following practices for completing CEASE: 
Children’s Medical Group 
Green Hills Pediatric Associates 
Terrace Pediatric Group 
The Children’s Clinic of Nashville 
Meharry Pediatric Group 
Old Harding Pediatric Associates 
Rivergate Pediatrics 
An extension was awarded to CPF to enroll additional practices in 2017.
The Practices must be located in Davidson County. The deadline to signup is June 1, 2017. 
To enroll, please contact Janet Cates at janet.l.cates@vanderbilt.edu Or call 615.936.6053