The Cumberland Pediatric Foundation partnered with the Surgical Outcomes Center for Kids (SOCKs) at Vanderbilt and together created a Community Advisory Board (CAB).

The CAB’s primary function is to evaluate research or grant initiatives designed by physician scientists, academic researchers or community based groups. The board is comprised of parents, community partners, coordinated school health, practice managers, community pediatricians and health plan representatives.   
The board meets quarterly and has provided invaluable feedback on the following research topics to date: 
Parental views on adolescent participation in sports (prospective national survey study conducted by Dr. Chris Bonfield, Division of Pediatric Neurosurgery, VUMC) 
Increasing HPV vaccination rates in pediatric populations (funded prospective cohort study conducted by Dr. Jennifer Erves, Department of Internal Medicine, MMC)
Tennessee Disability Coalition Parent-to-Parent Program (grant application for community partner to expand training for current outreach program into middle Tennessee) 
Comparing the clinical and cost effectiveness of two approaches to delivering quality improvement coaching focused on HPV vaccination (NCI funded study conducted by Dr. Pam Hull, Department of Medicine, Division of Epidemiology, VUMC ) 
Antibiotic Stewardship (grant application for CPF and VUMC Infectious Disease to collect data and create a toolkit)
Submit your research project to the CAB for review: