You Can Take On a Medical Student!

Thank you CPF members!
With your help we have successfully placed 3 rotations of Medical Students.

At the End of October comes another new Medical Student Rotation and CPF needs YOU to help!

If you are willing to take on a Medical Student, please email with at least one of  the 2 week rotation dates listed below:

10/27-11/6 2015

11/9-11/20 2015

11/23-12/4 2015

What does it mean to take on a Medical Student?


Student Placement Program Description

The learners are 2nd year medical students. They have successfully completed their basic science/classroom courses for medical school and are currently on their pediatrics clerkship (historically done in the 3rd year of medical school). The goal of this experience is to expose them to outpatient/acute pediatric medicine and patient care.

They will spend 2 weeks in your clinic (Monday – Friday)

During their time with you, they should:

o   Attend clinic each day

o   See patients - as directed by the attending

§  Students may see patients on their own, perform parts of the history and physical with the attending, and/or shadow. Students are encouraged to be adaptable in this learning experience, given clinic flow and patient volume.

o   Write notes, order tests, write prescriptions, etc – as directed by the attending


Learning Objectives:

o   Learn to perform a focused history and physical exam, and list age-appropriate differential diagnoses and plans for common pediatric acute illnesses

o   Learn about health supervision visits

§  Health promotion

§  Disease and injury prevention

§  Appropriate use of screening tools

§  Immunizations

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