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KidCentral TN:  Connection to education and resources for all Tennessee’s children
Links all the departments together and the Governor and the First Lady Co-Chair.

  1. Link to school demographics and attendance reports (search bar: report card)

  1. Adverse Childhood Experiences: Parent helpline 1-800-CHILDREN, search respite in the search bar to find resources

  1. Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health: socio-emotional learning
  2. The 4 E’s for Excellent Reading – new online video available

Childhood obesity:
1 in 4 kids in TN are overweight/obese by time of kindergarten entry and 1 in 2 by sixth grade.
Small Starts for Families: Launched a year ago. Promote through relationship with WIC, afterschool conversations.
Available in English and Spanish.

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Love these resources!!!