Improve Mental Health this November

So many studies have shown how having an "attitude of gratitude" improves mental health! It improves sleep, grades, relationships, etc.

So how can you implement this attitude in your patients? 

Simple! Just ask them what they're thankful for.
You can phrase it in many different ways, just planting that seed of thought can have a large impact.

A few ways to ask or lead into the topic:

1. Bring up a material possession they're wearing/holding: "Hey Sally! Wow those are great shoes, do you like them? I'm pretty thankful for my shoes, they're important!" 
2. Point out how healthy they are: "Woah, Tom! You are getting so big and strong, I bet you're pretty thankful for that"
3. Tie it to the upcoming holiday: "Sarah, did you know it's November? Thanksgiving is soon! What are you thankful for?"
4. In your waiting room have coloring pages prompting the patient to "Draw a picture of something they're thankful for" then ask them if they drew anything while they were waiting and if so, what?


Tip: If you have a patient displaying signs of poor mental/behavioral health, an easy excersise for the guardians might be to have them write/draw a picture of one thing they're thankful for every day. 


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