Guess What's Coming!

Something big is coming! 

Submit your guesses in the comment field below-MUST BE LOGGED IN TO COMMENT! The first person to guess the right answer wins a CPF gift bag! 

Hint #1: We have recently had surveys and brief announcements on this program

Hint #2: It is launching before March 2016 

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Susie Stokes's picture
Susie Stokes /
1st Annual CPF Manager's Seminar with Annual Meeting
Madalyn McCauley's picture
Madalyn McCauley /
I just realized that's also a correct answer and probably makes more sense than what the actual answer is...YOU WIN A GIFT BAG ! But that isn't what this program is...more hints coming :-) #thegameison
Lora Harnack's picture
Lora Harnack /
Hint: it is related to a new grant opportunity........... Good luck friends!
Sherese Collins's picture
Sherese Collins /
Is it the Advocacy Training for Parents of Youth with Autism?
Sherese Collins's picture
Sherese Collins /
Is it the recently awarded grant by the National Cancer Institute to lead a one-year planning process for developing a research agenda around increasing HPV vaccination uptake in pediatric care settings throughout our state.