"Clinical Direct Messaging"

"Clinical Direct Messaging"

SureScripts is the nation's largest health information network that software vendors must certify their applications with in order to connect to, facilitating the electronic exchange of prescription information.

Providers are able to exchange clinical messages over the SureScripts network if their EHR vendor, HIE or HISP is connected to the SureScripts network. In addition, providers affiliated with EHNAC/DirectTrust accredited* organizations can exchange clinical messages with SureScripts users as a result of participation in the EHNAC/DirectTrust accreditation program (DTAAP).

Please visit http://surescripts.com/network-connections for a list of organizations connected to the SureScripts network for clinical messaging services. *Direct Trusted Agent Accreditation Program. See http://www.ehnac.org/direct-trusted-agent/ for more information.

In order for a provider to obtain a direct address their EMR software vendor must be contracted directly with SureScripts or any other organization for HISP services. This is not something a provider can obtain directly from SureScripts. Please contact your software vendor to determine if they are engaged with any other HISP service or what their plans may be for engaging with SureScripts for this service. A list of vendors who are certified for Clinical Direct Messaging on the SureScripts network can be found here: http://surescripts.com/networkconnections/cns/connected-technology-vendors.

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