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On January 21st, 2016 CPF joined forces with the Meyer Family, Vanderbilt Specialists, and Kellygirl studios to record heart warming interviews between Jessica Meyer and her specialists. Jessica will be the feature presentation at this year's Annual Meeting. One year ago Jessica completed treatments for brain cancer at Vanderbilt and is now eager to share her story and experience with everyone. Jessica hopes to inspire people everywhere to see the world through a joyful, childlike perspective and to remind pediatricians why they do what they do. 

These interviews uncovered a lot of raw emotion and brought up excellent points that CPF can't wait to share with you on March 1st! 

Jessica's talk: Do You Have What It Takes to Be My Doctor?


·         Creating the bond.

·         Explaining the diagnosis 

·         What does it take to make me feel comfortable? 

·         We are not just kids we are people too 

·         What my parents liked about you 

·         Make the hurt not hurt 

·         Knowing the kid lingo 

·         Why you wanted to be a Pediatric Doctor?

·         Jessica Theory

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