AAP eBooks

AAP eBooks
As a CPF member, you DO have FREE access to AAP eBooks!

Just Log In to the CPF and follow these instructions:
(must be logged in to work properly) 

1. Go to the AAP resource link under “Physician Resources”:http://cumberlandpediatric.org/aap-bbc6-8675309 

 2. Once on this AAP Resource page, click on the “AAP eBooks” icon. You will then be redirected to the AAP website where you automatically have full access.

 **Note : If you do not access the eBook page through the CPF “AAP eBooks” icon on the CPF website then AAP does not recognize that you are affiliated with CPF.

3. To Browse: Please use the “Browsing by Topic Selections”, and not “Search for Books” box at the top right of the page. 


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