2017 CDC's Champion Immunization award

Congratulations, Dr. Chakrabarty!

Dr. Satya Chakrabarty from Tennessee Pediatric & Adolescent Center has been awarded the CDC's Champion Immunization award!

Before practicing pediatrics in Tennessee, Dr. Satya Chakrabarty treated patients in various parts of the world. Because he grew up and worked in an environment with limited healthcare resources, he often touches upon his background when educating parents on the importance of vaccines to protect their children from dangerous diseases. Dr. Chakrabarty is a pediatrician who cares deeply about his patients’ health and well-being. His office hosts Well Child days at least once a month to immunize patients who may have fallen behind on the vaccine schedule and accommodates children who may be uninsured for a period of time by scheduling vaccine only appointments. His practice also offers combined well and immunization visits (especially to children 0-2). If a child comes in sick and is behind on their vaccines, he will make sure to vaccinate, as long as the child falls within CDC’s vaccination guidelines. He also gives a strong recommendation for vaccines and shares their benefits with every parent, even if they want their child to be exempt. Thanks to his hard work and leadership, his practice currently has a vaccination rate of 90%. Together with his office staff and colleagues, he educates parents in a way that builds trust and ensures kids are vaccinated. Former patients who learned the value of vaccines from Dr. Chakrabarty now bring their babies to him for vaccination. Outside of his practice, Dr. Chakrabarty educates everyone he can reach within his community about the importance of vaccines at open houses, health fairs, and public health initiatives. He shares vaccine schedules, and even offers flu vaccines at these events. He is an AAP Fellow, an active member of the Cumberland Pediatric Society, and a member of the Tennessee Pediatric Association. His commitments to supporting vaccines in his practice and in his state make him Tennessee’s 2017 CDC Childhood Immunization Champion!

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